Public Transportation, Semi-public Transportation, Routes of Public Transportation to or from Baan Sammi, Vehicles for Public Transportation, Private Means of Transportation, Routes for Private Transportation, Miscellaneous about Transportation. 

1 — Baan Sammi by Public Transportation

1.1 — How to Reach Baan Sammi by Public Transportation from the Airport, City, Train Station, and Bus Stations

Below is an overview of the various options for public, semi-public and private transportation in and around Chiang Mai. The emphasis in the description is on how you can reach the destination Baan Sammi. A second focus is on how you can reach destinations starting from Baan Sammi.

1.2 — Recommended Maps

For your local orientation, downloading to your device (mobile phone, tablet), and/or printing of the following maps from the Maps Album is recommended:
Baan Sammi — Route Map 1: Chiang Mai and Vicinity – Route to Baan SammiBaan Sammi — Route Map 2: Area near Doi Saket – Route to Baan Samm…